Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Oh Johnny

Gooood...ness! this hunk hails from Vietnam...and currently resides in L.A.
Johnny Nguyen 35 yrs old is one damn hottie!!!!
ooooHHH just look at him.......just makes me want to scream.
Anywayz, i haven't had anyting to talks about since last time...except .....i did find a cowboy for the weekend...a native one anyway....quite handsome....straight....and is now calling me.....he called about 1 min ago.....what up with dat......straight no more i guess......
His name is Emery.....he says he's 23 yrs......
WTF is up with these yung boiz following me.......i ain't no cougar....
As a matter of fact i still have his stetson at's just sitting there on the couch....maybe i'll give it back this weekend....for a price ;)

I recieved phone call friend from Tucson is coming to spend the Easter weekend with me.....this tranny passes for a girl ....TO HER COWORKERS!
Anywho..she is planning on bringing her man and he wants to go later on i'll run down the road into the rez (indian reservation) and buy him a fishing license.from the local Game & Fish...which for me will be far less than what he would pay for if he was going alone.
Around these parts the lakes I read are teaming w/ fishies....L
I am sooo dreading casting my first line...I don't think i've gone fishing since 8th grade...i hope its like riding a never forget......(sotheysay)
well cast a line and lets get a fishing......for men!

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